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PIL / Nancie

This chapter is devoted to the Sana boat known today as PIL. Today owned by Nils Jacobsen and laying in Gilleleje habour on the northern coast of Sealand. Former known as Nancie and laying in Svanemølle habour close to Copenhagen. My father bought Nancie in 1978 - then owned by a dentist and in a very poor condition very nearly a wreck. Before this she was laying in Skovshoved habour and as far as I know the owners name was Pihll.

My recollection and memory of Nancie is both sweet and sour. The very first tour in Nancie with father as skipper, mother, my brother and me, ended in Køge Bugt in a thunderstorm, we were very close to run aground. First the fog blew to pierces - when the engine gave up and luck combined with my father skills as able seaman kept us from disaster..

As you can see of the photographs, my father layed a entirely new Teak-deck, most of the wooden construction in cockpit and below deck, and 6 new planks - 3 on either side near the kiel, 3 laminated oak-spans from kiel to deck in each side where the mast stands and complely new oak-"bundstokke" (don't know the english word).. In the year 1980 a new engine was installed. The old Marstal 5 HP iron-lump was replaced by a light-weight Vire 7 HP engine. This tiny engine could push the Sana at 5.5 knobs in calm conditions.

How do a Sana sail ? - well summed up in one word - delightful, truely a seaman's boat. She can sail in very light wind and she handles exellent in rough weather. To illustrede her abilities in light wind-conditions, she would outrun a Knarr, a Spækhugger, a H-boat and others with ease... On tack she would follow a 5.5 and 6-meters. On lens she sail fast and she can have a very large spinaker.. In rough wind- and sea conditions she was a marvel..


Photo's of PIL below


By the way PIL is on sale - interested can contact Nils Jacobsen on the following telephone number: +4540153992

Følgende data omkring PIL - først på Dansk

- Helt nyt storsejl med gennemgående sejlpinde - North
- Nyt rullesystem til Genua/Fog ( se billeder )
- Motor er en volvo MD på 10 HK som er total renoveret incl gearkasse/stævnrør
- Ny dynastarter
- Generator renoveret
- Speciel designet fast kickenstrap
- Nyt komfur ( sprit )
- Næsten nye hynder
- To batterier ( 1år gamle )
- El lænsepumpe

Sidst, men ikke mindst blev masten før denne sæson fuldstændig renoveret os står som en ny mast - alt foretaget af den bådbygger der har tilset PIL sammen med Nils.


This is data on PIL

- New mainsail from North - full-latted
- New Rollsystem (see pictures)
- A renovated Volvo MD10 incl gearbox and axel
- New Dynastarter
- Renovated Generator
- Special design fast-acting Kick'n strap
- a new stove (kerosine)
- almost new sitting coussions
- Two 1 year old batteries
- 1 bilge pump

Last but certainly not least - The mast is completely renovated and looks like new

Nils have invested around 8000 Euro's in PIL over the last couple of years